About SimuVerses

Creating SIMUlation uniVERSES


SimuVerses is a VR and Quest Game developer that is already using NFT Art Tokens to build future VR games upon. Our NFT Art Tokens are based on real historic Gold Coins in use at the time of each “Verse” that we are creating for our players to enjoy. They are literally the ‘coin of the realm’ of the period that Verse is set in.

While our Coins reflect magnificent art of the past, they all have been digitally enhanced by modern master artists to create stunning life like realism in each coin of each Verse we create. They are collectible artwork besides having Utility in how they are used to have gaming privileges and special powers within the Verses they were created for.

As any VR Gamer knows, premium VR Experences are expensive due to the bandwiddth they use, so making our NFT Art Tokens have unlimited game play in the future for that Verse gives them a very high value, plus the Coins have SPECIAL POWERS in that Verse. This combination of unlimited future VR Play in a specific Verse with special powers make the coins very valuable. Future players without these NFTs will have to pay daily or monthly fees to play in the Premium Gaming Environments and they will have no special powers that a NFT owner has. Since Mega Millions of future gamers are expected to play within our future Verses, the 1 Million NFT allotments are actually small compared to the potential pool of players our Verses will attract.

At thsi moment in time, real VR Gaming has not advanced to realistic environments with player and character intelligent conversation abilities.

That’s because AI is not yet AI.

That is why all games are basically move around a nice 3D enviornment and fight or battle characters in the games, or other players in a multi-player platform.

While using VR to record real life tours say of a African Wild Life Safari, is quite realistic visually and even audioally creating VR characters and making them able to communicate intelligently within a synthenitc gaming environment with characters in the game is still beyond the grasp of current VR technology and computer power today.

SimuVerses is In a collaboration with HelixQ AI led by Dr. Sol Adoni who has for over 40 years  been theorizing six and ten dimensional computer processors. His think tank is HelixQ, and SimuVerses is a collaboration with HelixQ to try to create the first computer processots that will run real 6 & 10 dimensional computers.

Today’s super computers that are incorrectly called AI are still in a 2D processor environment. No matter the power they have, they cannot process anything but on and off code in the 2D form of 1&0. Today’s computers ar not AI, they are just fast and powerful dumb 2D computers. They cannot do the complex computations the human brain is capable of in just doing a simple conversational discussion where the topic can drift instantly by a human into areas the most complex super computer would still have to search and seek data on. While the VR Dream server of Google with enough memory could theoretically put all human knowledge that is written into a gigantic memory bugger to give that one machine the appearance of conversational skills, such computers are not readily available to be just a game server and they are still dumb 2D processors.

HelixQ will change that. Code will not be in 2D but 6 & 10 dimensional based on cube shape data or decagon data.

Humans are a 3D being, our brains operate in 3D. A 3D human brain could exist comfortably inside a super AI 6 or 10 dimensional computer and cutting edge physics says we are in fact in such a simulation ourselves.

That is why a whole new level of computer processing is needed to create real AI where the human 3D brain can experience a 3D simulation on the level a human brain can visualize.

That is the ultimate goal of SimuVerses to help develop the future of real AI computer processing and simulation universe’s for gaming.

The first SimuVerses VR games will be technologically similar to what is the current standard of gaming. That being realistic environments that are mostly for action like battles and fights, etc. No real conversations with characters, unless they are multiplayer avatars who are humans and verbally respond to other players as multi-player games have for years.

Our company will be deep in R&D in AI processors to advance the whole industry to new levels of realism in gaming.